About us

About us

We are the brokers of supply chain providing safe and effective exchange of goods.

We offer the fastest supply chain of exchange of goods through the Republic of Estonia in the route of Europe, countries of the Russian Federation and Central Asia region.

We are specialized in forwarding of general and bulk goods (e.g. alcohol, grain, fertilizers, wood pellets etc), rolling stock (e.g. cars, heavy machinery), container goods and large-scale project-based goods (e.g. wind generators, large-scale containers, steel constructions, private houses etc).

The aim is to organize complex multi-modal transport of goods from the client to the ordering party (door-to-door) by using the best logistic possibilities of sea, railway and road transport.

In cooperation with the companies possessing international security and safety certificate we guarantee secure supply chain for your goods from the place of transfer of goods to our possession up to the ordering party.

Close cooperation with Paldiski Northern Harbour, transport companies and customs terminals enables us to provide 24h, fast, flexible and high-quality servicing of cargoes in the eastern as well as western direction. As the area of water of Paldiski Northern Harbour, our main cooperation partner, is the only ice-free one of the Estonian cargo ports, the lack of ice breaking expenses and great water conditions enable us to be price flexible for our clients and offer guaranteed and smooth annual supply chain. Our years-long practice and established business contacts lead directly to the purchasers of key importance in the east as well as in the west.

Satisfaction and economic success of our clients is important for us.

Hoping to meet your needs,


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