Handling of cargoes

Handling of cargoes

Handling of general cargoes

Our cooperation partner, Paldiski Northern Harbour, has an excellent capacity (20 000 t) of loading and unloading the general and bulk cargoes. The up-to-date complex for processing the solid bulk cargoes enables to load the bulk cargoes and direct these to the supply chain regardless of the weather conditions. We can also use the packaging lines and blenders for making different solid bulk products.

We can organize the receipt and handling of ships with the cargo capacity of 1000 up to 50 000 tons.

We organize the full transport of cargoes. The latter includes both loading, strewing as well as packaging with road and railway transport in special covered wagons according to the client’s requirements and specifics of the goods. Also, we organize the loading of containers and their forwarding to all other world ports through the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam.

Handling of oversized cargoes

We are specialized in organization of reloading and storage of oversized and heavy cargoes (wind generators, modules, jibs etc). The high-technological port equipment of our cooperation partner enables the port to handle oversized and heavy cargoes with own forces without the need to rent the loading equipment from other ports by incurring expenses. This fact makes the service offered by us faster and more favourable for the owners of cargoes.

In addition to servicing the trade flows between Russia and European Union, we organize the transport of rolling stock (combines, construction and agricultural machinery – both on crawlers and wheels) as to the goods moving from Byelorussia to countries of Latin America and regarding the cargoes to be transported under the auspices of NATO and UN.